[Sca-cooks] Did I imagine it? (lost chicken recipe)

Rob Downie rdownie at mts.net
Thu Oct 5 01:16:43 PDT 2006

Terri Morgan wrote:

>Once, a long while ago there was a thread about making 'meatballs' from
>chicken. I vaguely remember that someone called them "medieval chicken
>McNuggets" because the suggested sauce was a sweet mustard. The recipe was
>something like, "cook your chicken and then mince fine, adding breadcrumbs,
>eggs, spices, then fry in a pan, then place on skewers and roast over a fire
>before serving".
>Or some such. Did I dream it? Does this sound the least bit familiar? I have
>wandered all over my saved messages, the Florilegium, the Internet
>recipe-books... I'm stumped. And at 3:50 in the morning, I'm starting to
>think I lost my mind.
No you didn't imagine it:

  Coated hens  Younger Danish manuscript (13th century)

One shall take hens and scald them and cut them apart and cut all the 
meat from the bones, and tear it into small pieces, and boil the bones. 
Then the bones are taken from the broth and the meat is wrapped around 
them, and sprinkled with ground cinnamon, and put this in a batter/dough 
made of wheat flour and beaten eggs, and bake it in butter or lard. That 
is called coated hens.

Translation and commentary by Nanna


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