[Sca-cooks] Did I imagine it? (lost chicken recipe)

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 5 06:50:49 PDT 2006

> >Once, a long while ago there was a thread about making 'meatballs' from
> >chicken. I vaguely remember that someone called them "medieval chicken
> >McNuggets" because the suggested sauce was a sweet mustard. The recipe was
> >something like, "cook your chicken and then mince fine, adding breadcrumbs,
> >eggs, spices, then fry in a pan, then place on skewers and roast over a fire
> >before serving".
> >
> >Hrothny
>No you didn't imagine it:
>Coated hens  Younger Danish manuscript (13th century)

Another one that was posted some years ago in response to a post by Gunthar:

>Okay!  This isn't quite it, but it looks like a tasty "chicken knish" anyway.
>Sabrina Welserin #97 If you would make chicken buns
>Then take the meat from hens and let it cook beforehand, after that chop 
>it small and put grated a Semmel thereon and eggs thereon, until you think 
>that it is a good thick dough. Afterwards make fine round little balls and 
>let them fry very slowly and roast them
>Selene Colfox


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