[Sca-cooks] Favorite spice containers

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Thu Oct 5 14:27:12 PDT 2006

"Sharon Gordon" <gordonse at one.net> wrote:
>What are your favorite period and OOP spice containers?  I am trying 
>to avoid plastic ones in either case.

For storage, i use glass jars - because glass is non-porous and won't 
absorb flavors/scents like plastic does - with lids that screw on 
tight, so that moisture doesn't get in and flavors (volatile oils) 
won't get out. I keep them in a cupboard away from light and as much 
as possible heat.

For events, i've used glass jars with cork stoppers. But i don't 
store the spices in them, because i don't want the cork to pick up 
the flavor/scent.

And for feasts, i've used little ramekins or low rimmed terracotta 
under-pot dishes for spices on the table during the meal (i bring the 
spices in a ziploc bag).

"Lisa Sawyer" <lady.ysabeau at gmail.com> wrote:
>Depending on the amount, I like baby food jars. They have a wide enough lid
>that you can easily put a spoon in there and they are stackable. Probably
>not ideal for long term storage because they are clear but very convenient
>and sturdy.

They may well have changed, but back in the 70s, used baby food jar 
lids didn't screw really air-tight. So i haven't used them since 
(mmm, how did i get those baby food jars? Well, i had some favorite 
flavors i used to buy and eat myself, then i saved the jars...)

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