[Sca-cooks] Favorite Spice Containers

Maggie MacDonald maggie5 at cox.net
Fri Oct 6 00:25:42 PDT 2006

At 11:26 PM 10/5/2006,Susan Fox said something like:

>Hmmmm. Good point.  The oregano I had in a corked bottle like that dried out
>too darn fast.  Maybe we should make angled-in cylindrical tops to
>gravity-fit, maybe with a bit of bee's wax around the edge to hold it in
>place?  Just a thought.

I've never had good luck with cork over any serious long use.  On cordials 
it crumbles an falls into the bottle, with herbs it dries out, and then you 
have air flowing into the bottle and oils flowing out.  I've tried wrapping 
the cork in the flexible wax tape type stuff from medical supplies, and 
that just keeps it in place, it doesn't protect it over the long 
term.  It's lovely stuff (cork), but its just not sturdy.

Thus the glass jars with the plastic seal in the lid. Baby food jars are 
tighter than cork, but not reeeal tight. Sometimes I've ben known to take 
old baby food jars and pack hot jam in them and it worked. But, I wouldn't 
count on it working every time.


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