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Andrew  F. Smith is quite a well known food historian.
He's often featured on the  History Channel, so you may have seen him.
His work is documented with  footnotes. The texts tend to be very readable. 

Thanks for the links.  I have book-marked them to peruse after I get  my 
sewing project done.  I did not know who Andrew Smith was until the  recent posts. 
 (shock)  We don't have cable or satellite.   (shock, shock)  My library 
trips have been limited lately (4 kids,  two of them 3 and under) and are usually 
made to the children's  department. (sigh)
I do enjoy research, although not because I don't take the word of anyone  
else.  My comment was meant to determine the type of source or how far from  a 
primary source Mr. Smith's work would be.  (now a big,  duh!)  However, if Mr. 
Smith had interpreted something from Mr. Brown's  Book on Such-and-such (which 
is nothing but a bunch of opinions based  on Mr. Jones's physical research), 
then he would be one step further  down the line for reliable documentation.  
If however he was actually  quoting 15th or 16th century works in some Spanish 
museum...you get the  picture.  That would also make for a neat bibliography, 
which is  the first thing I notoriously look at out of  habit.  Second being 
the credentials of the author.  So thanks to  everyone that has shown me the 
light ;o), I now have another item on my  ever-growing long list of "things to 

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