[Sca-cooks] Smoked Meats in Northern Europe

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Meat needs to be dried to be preserved.  Jerked meat can be stored for
extended periods of time.  Salting is also a way to store meat.  Both
methods require a lot of salt and if your are sensitive to excessive amounts
of salt in your diet you will need to soak the meat to remove some of the
salt.  Canning might be a better way to go.  You can preserve meat by
canning and it will last a season if kept in a cool dark place.

Dan in Auburn

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Reluctantly shifting the thread from fat chipmunks back to smoked meat ...

Does anyone here have experience with using smoking of meat and fish 
for reasonably long term preservation? My impression is that the 
smoked meat and fish commonly sold uses the smoking mainly for flavor 
and still requires refrigeration. Are there good sources for fish and 
meat that doesn't, and so would help solve the problem of managing 
Pennsic and other long events without a cooler?
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