[Sca-cooks] Smoked Meats in Northern Europe

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Only minimally, and second-hand at that, sorry.
My dad used to make smoked jerky and fish, and I know there were years when
we had an overabundance of game meat (one year, both mom AND dad got moose
permits), and some of it got turned into summer sausage/thuringer, which we
just kept in a cool, dry part of the basement, hanging from the ceiling, but
I don't know what the meat locker did to get the sausage to that stage.
Some of the native peoples around here have a history of making
pemmican-type foods, too, with dried meats, but I suspect those to be of the
wind-and-heat dried variety, like a jerky.
I have a couple of sources for dried cod that I can dig out, if folks are
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> Reluctantly shifting the thread from fat chipmunks back to smoked meat ...
> Does anyone here have experience with using smoking of meat and fish
> for reasonably long term preservation? My impression is that the
> smoked meat and fish commonly sold uses the smoking mainly for flavor
> and still requires refrigeration. Are there good sources for fish and
> meat that doesn't, and so would help solve the problem of managing
> Pennsic and other long events without a cooler?
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