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The Charcuterie book is actually by Ruhlman and
Polcyn, Keller just provides the forward.  My good
friend and I have been experimenting out of this book
since November or December.  The recipes are great,
instructions are easy to follow, and they are in the
correct quantities for the home cook.  The only recipe
I've tried that didn't work as it should was the salt
cod, I ended up finishing the cod in a different
manner that seems to have worked alright.

If you want something that's geared more toward the
professional then I would recommend "Professional
Charcuterie" by John Kinsella and David Harvey.  It
also has a wonderful section on food safety.

Keller was supposedly going to open a french butcher
shop up in Yountville (next town north of me) but
those plans seem to have not come to fruition.  A true
pity but at least we have one other good butcher in
the valley that's not too far away.

Anyway, I have only ever cold smoked foods and so they
were not preserved for long-term storage.  The foods
that I prepared had to be refrigerated.  Hot smoking
will preserve foods as the meat or fish will be
completely cooked all the way through but it does
present some textural problems - i.e., jerky.



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I have been reading a book called  Charcuterie: The
Craft of Salting,
Smoking, and Curing by Thomas Keller, Michael Ruhlman,
and Brian Polcyn

It goes thru the theory and practice of preserving
meats.  It covers 
of the questions that have been brought up on this
topic.  I am 
to do some preserving, as soon as the pigs at the farm
down the road 

M?va matb??arkona
Barony of Glymm Mere
Kingdom of An Tir

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