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Tue Oct 10 06:09:52 PDT 2006

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From: Alexa <mysticgypsy1008 at yahoo.com>
> Greetings unto the list,
>   Recently  (sunday) was my birthday...and when asked by my husband what I 
> wanted- I replied-- attachments  for my mixer. (specifically pasta, meat grinder 
> and sausage).    I have a kitchenaid stand mixer. I was looking online. I found 
> the various attachments for the mixer.  I also saw the ravioli maker.  I was 
> wondering if anyone had this and if so, is it worth the $125 investment.  
> Especially if you are going to make ravioli for a feast for 80?   I know the 
> pasta maker and pasta roller can be used and then hand stuff the pasta for the 
> ravioli.  I remember there being a small conversation going a while back out 
> here on the list about the ravioli maker but don't remember if it was 'a good 
> idea' or nope, don't do it.  
>   Thanks 
>   Alexa
>   Barony of Marinus
I have the ravioli maker, but, to be honest, haven't had a chance to use it yet.  We were going to use it for my ME feast last year, but did the marzipan pastries a different way.  

It looks like it would be very useful...just be aware that it doesn't roll the dough out for you...there's another attachment that does that, along with cutting the pasta into fettucine or noodles.


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