[Sca-cooks] Further Joram update-bad news

wildecelery@aol.com wildecelery at aol.com
Tue Oct 10 15:46:20 PDT 2006

 Forwarded from Mistress Asenath
I'm sorry to report that the good news didn't last. Joram was at the rehab 
place barely 24 hours --maybe not even that long. He had to be rushed back to 
the hospital in critical condition (with temp of 105 degrees), from the 
infection. They gave him four pints of blood and got him stabilized; he is now 
back in 
his old room at Beth Israel, according to his mom. Tests were to be done 
today (Tuesday).
Both he and his mom are exhausted and extremely demoralized --the road just 
goes on and on....up and down, and the ups make the downs harder to bear.


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