[Sca-cooks] Late SCA-Period Sweets?

lilinah@earthlink.net lilinah at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 10 16:28:45 PDT 2006

OK, thanks to those who sent recipes and pointers to places to look.

Now... someone has a rose shaped bundt cake pan and a pan that makes 
six smaller rose "muffins". Would it be too entirely cheesy (given 
that this is a Rose themed ball) to make "period" cake recipes in 
these pans? There's a recipe in Digby for a barm raised spice cake - 
and Johnnae has actually cooked it - that could work in the bundt 
pan. And it could be coated with a "period" icing recipe - although i 
want to alter it and color it pink or reddish with fruit juice. And 
i'm that "period" gingerbread might work in the smaller roses (and 
cutting them into smaller pieces, following the rose petals).

I want the food to be from "SCA-period" recipes - yes, i am using the 
word in its general sense - i'm aiming for theme, not a specific 
culture and/or date.

But i also want the banqueting table to look special. I want it to be 
colorful and festive. Not just brown cakes and pale "small cakes".

Oh, yeah, some years ago, someone had Tudor Rose shaped cookie 
cutters made and i bought... ummmm, one or two. So i intend to make 
some "small cakes" cut into rose shapes.

So, again... not necessarily "period"... but are these ideas too cheesy?

Any other ideas how things might have been made to look "rosey" in 
the "period" - yes, open-ended, since i'm not focusing on one time 
period or culture.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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