[Sca-cooks] rose things

Devra@aol.com Devra at aol.com
Tue Oct 10 18:58:39 PDT 2006

Rose things - you can make roses out of marzipan.  Cut a long, narrow 
rectangle, roll it up loosely, pinch at the bottom - eh  violet! er - eh, rose!  Also 
you can make roses such as seen on birthday  cakes - make a teardrop center, 
stick a toothpick coated in Crisco into the fat  part, cut out petals and 
layer them on, starting  very tight and widening  out 
Yes, this is a very incoherent description, but the Wilton cake books and  
decorating books give much better ones. Fondant also works for this, but that's  
awfully late...

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