[Sca-cooks] The Backyard Lumberjack

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  Never worked with an Oak that size but have seen few Pines and Birches 
that big. Only time we ever touch them is after a big storm, to salvage the 
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>  You go right ahead my son and pick up the adze, axe, and the wedge. I 
> will
> be sitting on the cooler full of beer over to the side of the wood pile.
> Much as I have a fondness for things past, I  wish you the best of luck .
> Along with a couple of living musems in the area that do that kind of 
> thing
> Ross Farms Nova Scotia,
> King Edwards Landing NewBrunswick
> Cealian < < < < < <
> I was involved in an ameteur project to fell and move a trunk from an oak
> that had several years earlier died and been crowned.  This beast was, no
> joke at all, 5' in diameter and about 10' tall before it fell.  We had to
> use chainsaws, wedges, pry bars and a forklift to get this thing moved.  A
> slice of this trunk 3' thick by 5' diamter was too heavy for our forklift 
> to
> raise off the ground without two guys hanging off the back to create a bit
> more leverage.
> Had we a huge tandem saw, and technological knowledge from the turn of the
> century, it might have gone easier, but it would have been exhausting to 
> say
> the least.  We hope to take a thin cut of this tree to the University of
> Georgia to have them age it and use for geologic/atmoshperic history 
> lines.
> niccolo difrancesco
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