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  You go right ahead my son and pick up the adze, axe, and the wedge. I will
be sitting on the cooler full of beer over to the side of the wood pile.
Much as I have a fondness for things past, I  wish you the best of luck .
Along with a couple of living musems in the area that do that kind of thing
 Ross Farms Nova Scotia,
 King Edwards Landing NewBrunswick
 Cealian < < < < < <

I was involved in an ameteur project to fell and move a trunk from an oak
that had several years earlier died and been crowned.  This beast was, no
joke at all, 5' in diameter and about 10' tall before it fell.  We had to
use chainsaws, wedges, pry bars and a forklift to get this thing moved.  A
slice of this trunk 3' thick by 5' diamter was too heavy for our forklift to
raise off the ground without two guys hanging off the back to create a bit
more leverage.

Had we a huge tandem saw, and technological knowledge from the turn of the
century, it might have gone easier, but it would have been exhausting to say
the least.  We hope to take a thin cut of this tree to the University of
Georgia to have them age it and use for geologic/atmoshperic history lines.

niccolo difrancesco

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