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In the interests of getting all the use out of all the fish parts, I have
some ideas and questions.

1) I know the fish head has a good bit of meat on the cheeks which can be
used.  So that's good where you can use bits of fish.

2) I understand the eyeballs are good in soup.  I have never seen or tried
this.  Anyone know of more or other uses?

3) Shrimp tails make a good fish stock.

4) What other strategies do you know of?

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Fish skeletons make fine fish fume or stock.
Scales can be ground down and used as either an abrasive or additive to
cosmetics for sparkle.
Fish livers are valued in some cuisines as tastey morsels.
Fish roe is, of course, useable for garnish or food item by themselves.
Skin and bones may be rendered for callogen/gelatin . . . .might need
chemical treatment.
Swim bladder of sturgeon can be rendered for insinglas.

Quick thoughts.

niccolo difrancesco

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