[Sca-cooks] New Deep Fried Delight is....

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Thu Oct 12 12:12:12 PDT 2006

They ran the news footage today on the local news at noon
so I am guessing that it will be making the rounds and be
featured across the country. The batter fizzes of course.
Makes good tv.
I came home and had to look it up because it's just really weird.


Sandra Kisner wrote:
>> Here's the recipe: Mix funnel-cake batter with Coke instead of water.
>> Pour the batter into the fryer and cook up a mass of doughy strands.
>> Stuff into a Coca Cola cup, sprinkle with powdered sugar and douse with
>> pure Coke syrup. Top it with whipped cream and a cherry.
> The mind boggles.  So, I think, do the arteries and the rest of the 
> body.  If somebody handed me a (small) piece I'd probably try it, but I 
> can't imagine actually paying for it.  Though I must admit I like a fair 
> number of other fried things.
> My first picture, before reading the actual recipe, involved liquid 
> nitrogen - a sort of baked-Alaska Coke.
> Sandra 

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