[Sca-cooks] Rose Recipes from Olden Times

M+D: Mary and Doug Piero Carey mdcarey at compuserve.com
Fri Oct 13 05:14:47 PDT 2006

Now that's interesting. My copy of Rose Recipes from Olden Times is 
by Janet Burgess & printed by Amazon Drygoods.  Are there two 
different ones?  This is a little 12 pg. booklet printed on pink 
paper with a deeper pink cover.  Most of the recipes for making rose 
waters, or are things that use rose water for various household & 
cosmetic purposes, with a few food items, mostly cakes & puddings, 
mixed in.  The attributions are mostly to Victorian sources.  <Flip, 

Hey, how about rose-scented hand-washing bowls?  Easy, cheap & VERY 


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