[Sca-cooks] using up extra whey (whey not?)

King's Taste Productions kingstaste at comcast.net
Fri Oct 13 10:58:50 PDT 2006

Thank you Stefan, that was educational.  I appreciate your posting
reminders of the information available in the Florilegium. :)
Ok, I now know that I don't need to try and make gjetost from my whey
because I used an acid to coagulate my curds the first time around.  And
it is more than a day old now, so making ricotta seems out, although
there is a naturally formed layer of curds on the top of the liquid - I
could just skim it off and call it a day I suppose.  I don't have any
fresh meats around that I need to pickle just now, so it looks like the
best bet for the rest of the whey is to feed it to my animals, it being
very nutritious.  

Thanks again, Stefan, and to all the others who's comments I just read
through, saving me hours of time and potential kitchen disaster ;)


Christianna mentioned:
<<< I notice that pickling meats in whey is not mentioned, and I have  
about that process several times recently.  As a matter of fact, I have
about a gallon of whey in stock right now since I just made some fresh
cheese, and was considering what to do with it. >>>

whey-cheeses-msg  (32K)  6/ 1/06    Cheeses such as ricotta made from  
the liquid left after making other cheeses.


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