[Sca-cooks] pistachio marzipan?

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Fri Oct 13 14:57:43 PDT 2006

At 02:46 PM 10/13/2006, you wrote:
>'Lainie mentioned:
>"Lessee what I can remember... Gyngerbrede, shortbread,
>marzipan, pistachio marzipan, White Torta, candied orange peels, apricot
>roses, some almond and honey candy..."
>"pistachio marzipan"? I assume, since you also mention just
>"marzipan" that this is marzipan made using pistachios, rather than

Partly almonds, partly pistachios. Pretty avocado green, really interesting 

>I don't seem to have any info in the Florilegium on "pistachio
>marzipan". Is there actually a period recipe or mention of this? Or
>is this just a modern variation? I assume part of the trick is to
>find unsalted pistachios. I've found them out of the shell, but I
>think these were salted.

I don't know- I can ask Morwyn. She'd said she was doing period goodies, 
and I trust her, but I'll ask where the source was.

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