[Sca-cooks] Weather ( names?)

Diane & Micheal Reid dmreid at hfx.eastlink.ca
Fri Oct 13 20:53:51 PDT 2006

   Would you be asking about me name or advising me to look among the 
Pictish naming practices.
 Long story about that naming church, and state, got involved before the end 
of it. Realy long involving much alchol and many days of wandering around 
beffuddled. Rather funny considering I started life in the SCA as an Iberian 
Celt. With strong Visagothic influences. It is not registered either 
something I realy should do some day.
  Cealian ( it got stuck on me)
  > Uh. See:
> Picts-msg         (14K) 11/ 4/96    Info. on the Picts. Name sources.
> :-)
> Stefan

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