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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Oct 13 21:02:56 PDT 2006

I wrote:

> Urtatim mentioned:
> <<< There's a recipe in Digby for a barm raised spice cake -
> and Johnnae has actually cooked it - that could work in the bundt
> pan. >>>
> Oh? I'm not sure I've seen this one. I keep hearing of Digby's   
> "Excellent Small Cakes". Recipe/redaction someone?

To which Johnnae replied to me by email:
<<< Here's the recipe--

 From 2002--

A Great Cake from the Rose Tourney
By Johnnae llyn Lewis
<snip>  >>>


Yes, I apparently missed this recipe the first time you posted it.  
Thanks for sending me a copy. In figuring out where I would place it,  
I realized that I actually do have a file on period cakes that are  
more recognizably modern than Digby's "Excellent Small Cakes".

So, just in case others are interested in ale-barm risen cakes, see  
this file:
cakes-msg         (20K)  6/30/06    Period cakes and cake recipes.

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