[Sca-cooks] pistachio marzipan?

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I forget  where I've seen this, but I definitely have seen a reference  
to [a]  marzipan alternative[s] in earlyish period based on either  
pignoles,  or pistachios, or both (separate entities, that is, if  
both). I know  Chiquart mentions pine nut paste as an ingredient in  
his Tourtes of  Parma, but doesn't define it or give a recipe for it,  
and I STR (but  could be wrong) that pistachio "marzipan" is mentioned  
somewhere. If  nowhere else finely ground pistachios appear in one or  
more of the  Teste de Turte recipes.

I found this reference with a recipe for pistachio marzipan, and have asked  
for the original.  Ideas?
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