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Malkin commented about cheese goo:
<<< hmn ... mine was ... different

fine-shredded a sharp cheddar, mixed with eggs and fresh chopped herbs,
though I do not recall which herbs.

sliced baguettes, buttered one side, spread the other side with the  
and egg mixture and grilled it as one would an open-faced grilled cheese

served at a tea some many many years ago.

no idea where I got the idea from   but it went over well

may have called it     Cheese on Toast  >>>

This certainly doesn't seem anything like Digby's Savory Tosted  
Cheese, alias cheese goo at least when using Master Cariadoc's  
redaction. And I've seen quite a wide variety of interpretations,  
even when they were all based on Digby's recipe. My barony held a  
contest on just this thing last year, redactions of Digby's recipe,  
which were *not* taken from Cariadoc's redaction.

There are also other medieval recipes that are similar, but not from  
Digby. You can find two, I think, in the cheese-goo-msg Florilegium  
file that has already been mentioned. (Thanks, Adamantius).

You might also find the recipes and comments in this file of interest:
baked-cheese-msg  (15K)  6/18/02    Period baked cheese dishes.

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