[Sca-cooks] OT - Somewhat amusing in light of recent healthy foodrants

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> Mrs. Critchlow has become a notorious figure in Britain. In
> September she and another mother — alarmed, they said, because
> their children were going hungry — began selling contraband
> hamburgers, fries and sandwiches to as many as 50 students a day,
> passing the food through the school gates.

Oh, fer...if you are so offended by your children eating healthy food at 
school, then send a brown bag lunch with them and let them have their chip 
butty, but serving decent food is hardly treating them like criminals! (I'd 
be more inclined to give the fresh fruit to the kids, and the chip 
butty--shudder---to the criminals!)

When I was in high school we were not allowed to leave the campus during the 
day--even though, GASP there was a McDonald's AND a a grocery store across 
the street. We actually survived it. It wasn't the end of the world.


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