[Sca-cooks] Feeding Kids Re: OT - Somewhat amusing

Bj Jane Tremaine vikinglord at cox.net
Thu Oct 19 17:39:24 PDT 2006

> You guys are really being kind to your kids.  My mother (who didn't work
> outside the home, so there wasn't that excuse) never allowed us to eat
> anything but what she fixed.  If we didn't eat what was put before us we
went hungry.

That was my mom's policy, but my son is 5'1" and only weighs 60lbs.  I was
called into school to talk about his lack of eating.  He eats every thing in
site.  My theory is I do not allow sit down toys before dark.  He has bikes,
skate boards, plays sports and youth armored combat. God I hope they do not
break him in football.  He also is now lifting weights, maybe that will but
some weight on him.


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