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Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 19 13:20:07 PDT 2006

>>And Oscar Meyer bologne? What a lot of baloney!

Ewh   I so totally agree.

It has often been quoted that them as what love law and/or sausages should 
not ever watch how same are made.

I agree with that too.

I made the mistake once of watching a documentary on how 'lunchmeat' is 
made.  I still shiver when I recall it.  No kidding … I have chillbumps just 
thinking about it.  We used to call that sousemeat.

We don't eat lunchmeat at my house.  I wouln't feed hotdogs to the dog.

Lest one think that my young'uns are growing up deprived of the American 
childhood experience, we do cook hotdogs on the campfire.  They are a 
compromise … usually bratwurst or even sometimes cheddarwurst, but we call 
‘em hotdogs.  We wrap ‘em in wheat buns, because mom don’t buy white bread 

Lordy what a food snob I have become in my auld-age.

OK … I’ll shut up now.



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