[Sca-cooks] Back to STC for a Moment...

Guenievre de Monmarche guenievre at erminespot.com
Fri Oct 20 06:15:27 PDT 2006

> We've never tried to make it ahead of time...usually, we make it
> onsite.  You can handle serving it one of two ways...sometimes we steam
> the veggies, spoon the goo over them, sprinkle a little cooked bacon on
> top and slide it under the broiler.  Or...I've also seen it served as a
> "dip" kind of thing with veggies and good sourdough bread.  Either way
> works, though the second way is, I suspect, closer to Digby's original!
> Kiri

As far as speeding up the process, the one thing I've found is that if I
want to make STC in a camp setting, I usually soften the butter and cheese,
and toss everything in my Kitchenaid at home and give it a good beating -
this "pre-homogenizes" everything - and stick it in a ziplock. When I
actually heat it up, having everything premixed means MUCH less stirring and
quicker melting. Just a helpful hint...


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