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something that I've done that goes over *very* well at potlucks are Sabina
Welserin's tarts.
you can either do them as little tarts or pies and either make the dough or
buy it (really, pre made pie crusts are pretty darned good these days).

I'm a big fan of these:

30 To make Genovese tart

  Take eighteen ounces of chard or spinach, three ounces of grated cheese,
two and one half ounces of olive oil and the fresh cheese from six ounces of
curdled milk [2]. And blanch the herbs and chop them small and stir it all
together and make a good covered tart with it.

36 To make an English tart

  First take one third of a quart of cream, some three quarters of a pound
of fat and a quarter pound of sugar, which must be allowed to cook with the
milk and the fat. After that take six eggs, according to how [large] they
are, and, also six egg yolks, beat two eggs with a small spoonful of flour
and stir it until smooth, and when it is well-beaten, then beat into it all
the eggs, put it all in a pan and let it simmer together until it becomes
fairly thick, and watch out that it does not burn, and when it is cooked
then salt it a little and pour in a little rose water on it while it is
still warm, and let it bake.

70 A tart with plums, which can be dried or fresh

  Let them cook beforehand in wine and strain them and take eggs, cinnamon
and sugar. Bake the dough for the tart. That is made like so: take two eggs
and beat them. Afterwards stir flour therein until it becomes a thick dough.
Pour it on the table and work it well, until it is ready. After that take
somewhat more than half the dough and roll it into a flat cake as wide as
you would have your tart. Afterwards pour the plums on it and roll out after
that the other crust and cut it up, however you would like it, and put it on
top over the tart and press it together well and let it bake. So one makes
the dough for a tart.

76 An almond tart

  Shell the almonds, pound them very small and strain them through a copper
sieve. Take cream or sweet milk, take five or six egg yolks and let it bake.
If you would like, you can mix rose water in with it, or else not.

It's nice to do the English and Almond tarts at the same time because you
can use the egg whites from the English for the Almond.

At least where I am, eggs are usually really cheap. I've used almond flour
for the ground almonds to good success. Any or all of these in whole pie
format are lovely and will hold up to being sliced very thin.


On 10/20/06, Kathleen A Roberts <karobert at unm.edu> wrote:
> good morning.
> the husband of a former student of mine (sadly passed away
> shortly after her laureling) is about to receive his
> laurel for bowery (don't know how to spell it -- making
> archery schtuff).  it came about quite suddenly but in no
> way undeserved.  the ceremony is nov. 12.
> i am looking for some simple, period preferred, german
> recipes for the vigil chow, as his persona is early
> german.
> i don't have a lot of time, neither of us has a lot of
> money and conveniences are going to be interesting (one
> vigil in the park at fighter practice for the folks at
> home and one in a hotel room the night before the event).
>  however, i do have a chest freezer, so things that can be
> frozen would be cool as well... no pun intended.
> any and all help is appreciated.
> cailte
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