[Sca-cooks] looking for simple german vigil chow

Cat . tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 20 08:52:46 PDT 2006

Ah but I get cook on digest. (thankfully Johnnae
zapped me this since it was rather up my alley)

to meet your requirements I have a couple of

Tarts - made in the mini tart pans (use commercial
dough if time is short), and Rumpolt has LOTS of
options there
sweet savory meat fruit cheese  pick your favorites


cookies are listed in Rumpolt (cut in the shape of
eagles or hearts (so cut them into other shapes too if
you wish, they did shapes) brushed with rosewater and
sprinkled with sugar. 

he has meat that can be done in lumps with toothpicks
if you like
I have #47 webbed, its kind of saurbraten like, but
could be served in cubes.
and also a beef meatball, that again could be served
cold (its quite yummy hot.)

I have had great success with the 400 year old shrimp
and fried shrimp
(for the shrimp, just toss a lb of peeled deveined
shrimp in your fry pan with 4-6T butter and 4-6T
verjuice (I use balsamic, cause thats what I had the
first time and the local royal fell rather in love
with it) and some fresh ground pepper (just a touch) 
simmmer the shrimp till pink and you are done, serves
fine cold though the butter will clump up on you. (if
you like condense the sauce a bit and serve

Sausage (like bratwurst) cut into bite size bits
served with mustard is perfectly acceptable food.
(though most of the sausages in Rumpolt are smoked,
bratwurst is found in other period German sources.)

He lists capers and olives among his side dishes, and
sugar comfits as dainties too.

Gwen Cat
Let me know if you want more leads  ;-)
and again congratulation to the gent, deserved!

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