[Sca-cooks] : New news on Joram from Asenath

wildecelery@aol.com wildecelery at aol.com
Mon Oct 23 05:27:18 PDT 2006


Greetings! I have good news to report on Baron Master-- Joram Goldspoons. On 
Wednesday he was moved back to the rehab facility in Cambridge, and he has 
remained there, doing okay, for these past several days. 

He is at the Youville Hospital and Rehabilitation Center www.youville.org) 
off Cambridge Street in Cambridge, MA. His room phone # is 1-617-349-5812.
It is a good sign that he feels well enough to handle phone calls now and has 
told me I can post the number. Just keep in mind that he is still very ill, and 
short calls are best.

Visiting is allowed --the hours are 4pm-7pm. I will be seeing him tomorrow 
(Sunday) and will post any other relevant details that I discover in the 

Keep those positive thoughts and prayers going for him. Thank you so 

Please forgive cross-postings, but please do forward to other lists as 
appropriate (posted now to local list, SC and Pelican)

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