[Sca-cooks] 12th century

sera piom serapiom74 at yahoo.it
Mon Oct 23 16:00:36 PDT 2006

> Actually, in some European countries, most notably 
> Germany, that *is* how they designate time periods. 
> Thus, the 12th century refers to 1200-1299 rather 
> than 1100-1199.
If I remember correctly, when German authors speak about "zwölftes Jahrhundert" (12th century), they mean the years before 1200, i.e. the beginning of 1100 until the end of 1199 or the beginning of 1200. 18th century is 1700-1800 (think of Goethe, Herder, ...). 16th century (think of Luther and Marx Rumpolt, to name only two big figures) is 1500-1600 and so forth. 

However, in Italian, we use expressions like "quattrocento" (literally 400, for 1400) for the 15th century.

Now, speaking of the 12th century (1100-1200): has anybody seen 'De utensilibus ad domum regendam pertinentibus' of Adam du Petit Pont/ Adam Parvipontanus?


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