[Sca-cooks] 10th C. Cornish?

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Mon Oct 23 06:51:04 PDT 2006

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> Our new Wooden Spoon minister (West Kingdom cooking competitions) has
> announced the contests for the next year:
> We have six:
> 12th Night is always revealed a couple months beforehand - we have to
> translate a recipe and cook it
> 3 are straight forward
> But the other two have me a bit mystified:
> - anything 10th C. Cornish
> - anything 12th c. Italian
> There's a nice amount of later Italian, but i'm not sure about
> recipes from the 1100s.
> And Cornish from the 900s? Help!

Sounds like you need a definition of terms.  What does someone actually mean
by 12th c. Italian when there was no Italy, but Papal States, Independent
states and some Empire lands?  Do they mean the peninsula we now know as
Italy, or the various lands controlled by the various powers around that
area in 1200's?  Think the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire and
the various lands held by whoever had Sicily that week.

  Same with the Cornish . . . was there a Cornwall per se in the 10th c. ?
Also get clarification as to what 12th centruey means . . . Europeans and
Americans use that differently, one is 100's and one is 1200's.

niccolo difrancesco,
likewise confounded at that sort of choice of category

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