[Sca-cooks] table fountains

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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Ana commented:
<<< It must have been based on levels and weights, as Leonardo already
used in many of his works as engineer in the Milano court. The
"automats" clocks in Prag and Lund, Sweden, were early (13th century)
proofs of remarkable engineery.
Greeks and Romans used advanced engineery for their weapons of siege.>>>

Thank you. Yes, they did have pumps. For some reason I was thinking  
no pumps therefor these little fountains couldn't recirculate the  
liquid, but they had pumps so this could be done. My immediate  
thoughts after this was using a rubber tube with a elliptical wheel  
pushing against it to push the liquid through the tubing. That could  
be done with an electric motor but could also be done with some  
clockwork. And one, and I'm pretty certain, two chambers bellows were  
known by this time so a variation on those might also work.

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