[Sca-cooks] Red Wine for Game Marinade

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 29 06:21:40 PST 2006

Despite the conventional wisdom of "never cook with anything you would not
drink," the qualities sought in a cooking wine are not necessarily the same
ones you want in a drinking wine.

My answer is, cheap jug wine.  Cheap is OK here and will make the budget go
further.  If it has a harsh acidity, that is just fine because it will have
the tenderizing effect on the game meats which they so dearly need. LONG
cooking will even out the flavor. I have used this at SCA feasts to good
effect.  I also use this kind of red rotgut to marinate and baste lamb,
where it undergoes a kind of sea-change, dissolves the hard fat of the lamb
and tenderizing the leg muscles into lusciousness.

Depending on how much it smoothes out, you might not need much vinegar if
any;  treat it as a condiment and use it to taste.  Any jokes about "Bambi
Bourguignon" should be made at your own risk.

Bon Appetit,

On 10/28/06 12:32 PM, "JohnKemker" <john at kemker.org> wrote:

> In just a few weeks, I'll be cooking for the Baronial Encampment for
> Their Excellencies South Downs.  I have a wide variety of game meats
> to prepare and am planning on marinating quite a bit of it prior to
> cooking.
> I have a recipe from "On Cooking" by Lebenskey, et al with the
> following list of ingredients:
> Carrots
> Onion
> Garlic
> Thyme
> Bay Leaves
> Juniper Berries
> Peppercorns
> Sage
> Red Wine
> Red Wine Vinegar
> I'm looking for suggestions on both the type of red wine I should use,
> as well as any suggestions for particular brands that are reasonbly
> priced and should do well in the marinade.
> --Lord Cian O'Madadhain
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