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Sun Oct 29 11:57:29 PST 2006

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< < < <  In just a few weeks, I'll be cooking for the Baronial Encampment
Their Excellencies South Downs.  I have a wide variety of game meats
to prepare and am planning on marinating quite a bit of it prior to


I'm looking for suggestions on both the type of red wine I should use,
as well as any suggestions for particular brands that are reasonbly
priced and should do well in the marinade. > > > > > >

As I am assuming you are serving locally "bagged" game, I would further
expound on the others' suggestions by suggesting using a local or regional
lable.  A good tasting muscadine wine would offer a quaint profile that you
would not get with a California Chianti.  There are several regional
wineries in Georgia that could offer you some inexpensive ($8 to $10 a
bottle) options for your game sauce.  If you prefer something more exoctic,
the muscato varietal is a propagated strain (IIRC) of the southeastern
muscadine.  You get a meduim bodied, spicey profile that is generally just a
bit on the sweet side of dry.

Matching local ingredients together can magnify the best in each of them.

niccolo difrancesco

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