[Sca-cooks] Red Wine for Game Marinade

JohnKemker john at kemker.org
Sun Oct 29 21:13:47 PST 2006

Quoting grizly <grizly at mindspring.com>:

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> < < < <  In just a few weeks, I'll be cooking for the Baronial Encampment
> for
> Their Excellencies South Downs.  I have a wide variety of game meats
> to prepare and am planning on marinating quite a bit of it prior to
> cooking.
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> I'm looking for suggestions on both the type of red wine I should use,
> as well as any suggestions for particular brands that are reasonbly
> priced and should do well in the marinade. > > > > > >
> As I am assuming you are serving locally "bagged" game, I would further
> expound on the others' suggestions by suggesting using a local or regional
> lable.  A good tasting muscadine wine would offer a quaint profile that you
> would not get with a California Chianti.  There are several regional
> wineries in Georgia that could offer you some inexpensive ($8 to $10 a
> bottle) options for your game sauce.  If you prefer something more exoctic,
> the muscato varietal is a propagated strain (IIRC) of the southeastern
> muscadine.  You get a meduim bodied, spicey profile that is generally just a
> bit on the sweet side of dry.
> Matching local ingredients together can magnify the best in each of them.
> niccolo difrancesco

Actually, Maestro niccolo, none of it is locally harvested game.   
Every last bit of it is either from Idaho or Alaska, where my wife has  
family in the professional hunting business.  Last year, I only  
managed to harvest a single doe, which my family of six managed to  
consume fairly quickly.  (I have a wife and four daughters that love  
venison.  It doesn't last long in our house!)


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