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For those who may be adverse to overly long anecdotal information ... feel 
free to skip all after the *** below

Saint Philip kindly advised " ... The thing you need to keep in mind that 
game meat tends to be very
dry"   etc.

Perhaps I should have explained a little better what I had in mind.  The 
Candlemas MEAT feast will likely be set out Buffet style.  There will be 
labels on everything, and ingredients listed on a plan separate but near the 
table to accommodate those who may have food allergies.  For each meat dish 
there will be a complimentary vegetable dish, but not much starch on the 
menu.  There will be sauces in abundant plenty.  After the main meal, there 
will be a break for TRMs business, which will be used by the cooking staff 
to put away the meat and lay out a selection of sweets and delicates to be 
consumed after TRMs have concluded business.  The idea is to provide a 
mid-winter celebratory meal of showcase variety but without causing TRMs to 
founder.  Otherhill has a reputation for over-feeding our visitors.


When I was a young-un, (five children, four of ‘em boys, and all teenagers 
at the same time (mother did not get the concept of 'family planning' as it 
may have applied to her in the late 50s early 60s)).  Antelope, along with 
most of AGF&FLWCs made up most of the red-meat protein in our family diet by 
economic necessity. We 'et it fried, roasted, and stewed and in as many 
variations as the mind can conceive, and mother was an excellent cook, or at 
least I believe she was.  Now, some 40 years in the rear-view, I don’t 
recall much about individual varieties’ red-meat-protein preparations.  
Seems we did chew most of it thoroughly before swallowing, but 40 years is a 
long time to recall that.  ;>

The garlic stud roast was one of the few I do recall, because she took the 
neck of the critter, cut holes in it and stuffed garlic buds in the holes.  
Seems like I recall it tasted fine, but what makes it more memorable was the 
bones in the roast.  I was, as already stated, a young-un at the time, and 
there have been many years betwixt then and now.

OH … and before I forget, the Menu Journal will be availed to the list at 
the conclusion of the event.



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jo_foster81 at hotmail.com

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