[Sca-cooks] Looking for sausage casings

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Mon Apr 30 18:15:30 PDT 2007

sorry, Master A;  I saw the first post, and gave my reply repeating you.  I 
do recommend Sausage maker, though; they do give good service.


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>On Apr 30, 2007, at 5:22 PM, Michael Gunter wrote:
> > I just got a new sausage stuffer attachment for my Kitchenade
> > so, of course, I simply MUST make link sausages.
> > I have a couple of wonderful recipes to try. But the problem is
> > that I can't find a source for the casings. So far every grocery
> > store butcher shop I've gone to does not sell casings. Not
> > even the places that make their own sausage!
> >
> > I've been told to check out the more ethnic markets like
> > Fiesta so that is my next step. Mistress Clara told me she
> > got her casings through the mail but can't remember the
> > vendor.
> >
> > So, any suggestions for sausage casing vendors in the Dallas
> > area?
>Remember about a million years ago, I posted a little essay about
>making friends with your butcher? Most shops that make sausage
>wouldn't mind dipping into their own supply of pre-soaked casings for
>a buddy...
>But yes, failing that, ethnic markets are a good place to look; I've
>had good luck getting casings in Italian pork stores (this isn't a
>butcher shop, per se; while they do butchering, they're more like the
>Italian equivalent of a French charcuterie, but in English, among
>Italian-Americans, they're mostly known as "pork stores", salumeria
>in Italian. I've also seen them in some generically, default-ethnic
>(read discount) meat markets which tend to cater to a variety of
>ethnic groups.
>And failing that, there's always Sausagemaker.com. They're in upstate
>NY someplace, maybe Buffalo, but process and ship orders _very_
>quickly. And, of course, they have just about anything you could
>possibly want in that general area.
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