[Sca-cooks] Feudal model was Wikipedia article on Medieval Cuisine

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Wed Aug 1 15:37:31 PDT 2007

Actually, the feudal model and the manorial system have some interesting 
effects on dining (including the use of trenchers).  There is also the very 
interesting question of how the feudal system changed due to the reduced 
grain harvests at the beginning of the little Ice Age.  Everything tends to 
be interconnected and grist for the mill.

As for "Dark Ages," why that's what those scholars left sitting in my grade 
school textbooks.  If they don't want the term used, they shouldn't be so 
careless.  They also must be jealous of Francesco Petrarcha, who got there 
before them.


> Yep, that's about right... eras are very fluid and really depend on the 
> historian labeling them and the reason they need to be labeled.  Happens 
> on the other end, too, with Late Medieval and Early Modern.  Just as long 
> as you don't insist on using "Dark Ages".... scholars get really tetchy 
> about that one!  The whole Feudal model used to define Medieval is also up 
> for grabs... but that's another discusssion for another mailing list.
>  In the meantime, as I am a novice cook, I'll sit back and enjoy the 
> discussion about oil going "kaboom"...  :-)
>  ATB,
>  Breila

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