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>On Aug 5, 2007, at 6:43 PM, aeduin wrote:
> > Yes, balut is the Philippine version of the fertilized duck
> > egg.  It's occasionally chicken.  After it gets to a certain stage of
> > maturation it's boiled in brine to cook it.  My 20+ year old memories
> > of the dish say it tastes like duck soup, with crunchy bits.
>I'm sure it's harmless. I still don't want to eat it ;-).
> > But this is from a guy who has eaten rhino (very tough and gamey),
>I would think so... I'm assuming this was not grain-fed and
>slaughtered under conditions designed not to allow adrenalin buildup.
>Do you know what anatomical portion your meat was from?

I'm not sure.  I was doing a college internship in Nepal in '91 at a 
safari tour camp near the Indian border.  There was a fight between a 
couple of the local rhinos and this one lost.  After the local game 
wardens came out and verified that this was a natural death and took 
the hooves and head to, supposedly, keep them off the black market 
the locals were allowed to hack it to bits.

So, no I don't know what part it came from though I'm not sure it 
would matter much.  And it certainly didn't have an adrenalin free death.  :-D


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