[Sca-cooks] pantry - garum

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 19:21:48 PDT 2007

Terry wrote:
"And how do they know it's concentrated evil?  I don't think I've ever metanyone who has made garum, much less eaten it.  Modern fish sauces, yes. Garum no."
I overlook that quote - not from you Terry but from one us - because that is from someone who does not like it as I, someone who cannot appreciate it like Phil finds morcilla disgusting. Garum is being reproduced in Spain today. If I recall correctly it comes from Barcelona. I don't know how close is it is to what the 13th C Anon cookbook calls for. It tastes like bad anchovies to me. 
Terry continues: 
"There is also the fact that garum probably wouldn't be available to most medieval pantries as it became generally unavailable in the 5th and 6th Centuries. . ."
No my understanding is that we continued our factories in Spain long after that. Perhaps you can inform me better but I have garum references up through the 18th C.  

I've doing a little housecleaning and a xerox copy of "Garum and Salsamenta" 
has popped to the surface.  If anyone is serious about learning about garum, 
I recommend reading it.  Curtis, Robert I., Garum and Salsamenta; E.J. 
Brill, Leiden, 1991.


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