[Sca-cooks] A Porcine Opportunity

Daniel Phelps phelpsd at gate.net
Sun Aug 12 07:50:03 PDT 2007

Greeting all:

I'm wondering if any in Meridies or Trimaris might be interested in helping a friend of mine solve a problem.  A couple of years ago he was gifted with a Vietnamese pot bellied pig, a sow.  A while after that some one gave him another one, a boar.  Both were supposed to have been fixed.  Time and nature proved this not to be true.  Now he is hip deep in pigs.  He says that there are upwards of 20 of them and he plans on retaining only one.  What I'm suggesting is a bit like u-pick-em strawberries.  Interested?  His farm is just outside of, east of, Tallahassee.   Their size makes them rather agreeable for spit roasting I would think.  Be that as it may he does not care if they are roasted, baked, broiled, stewed or sautéed.  You can even make pets out of them if you want.  Why not take several to Gulf War?  Enter them in A/S competition "sheep to shawl".  Picture it; one still on the hoof, one butchered, one on the spit roasting and one as cold cuts.  Indeed if he retains both the original sow and a boar this could become a yearly thing.


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