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> So with that plea, I would be VERY VERY happy if people would offer advice on the dishes for such a competition and also maybe some guidelines that I can use/tweak/modify for our purposes

Setting aside the exciting discussion on breakfast vs no breakfast
(and I am learning more with each post) I might have a suggestion.

Regarding breakfast, I tend to function under the assumption that
people at events expect breakfast, and that I personally would prefer
to serve a period dish that, to our modern palates, seems like a
breakfast dish.

I served this at a feast, and it went over very well. There was left
over filling and crust so I made a big one for the kitchen crew
(meaning I Iined a half sheet pan with crust, poured filling on one
half of that half sheet pan, folded the crust over and made a biggish
rectangular tart) that got overlooked that evening.

The next morning it was discovered, devoured and dubbed a "Period Pop
Tart". Should I be in charge of breakfast at an upcoming event I will
be making it and serving it for breakfast:

Plum Tart
>From The Cookbook of Sabina Welserin. Translated by Valiose Armstrong.
70. Ain torten von pflamen, sý seýen dir oder gren. Last sý vor sieden
jn ainem wein vnd treibs dúrch vnnd nim air, zimerrerlach, zúcker, laß
bachen den taig zu der torten, hept man also an, man nimpt 2 air vnnd
erklopffts, darnach riert ain mel daran, bis es dich wirt, schit jn
darnach aúff den disch vnnd arbait jn woll, bis er recht wirt, hernach
nempt ain wenig mer dan den halbtail vom taig vnnd welglet ain blatz,
so brait jr die torten haben welt, hernach schit die pflamen daraúff
vnnd welglet hernach den andern blatz vnnd zerschneit jn, wie jr jn
geren haben welt, vnnd thiets oben jber die torten vnnd zwicklens woll
zúsamen vnnd lasts bachen, also macht man all tortentaig.

A tart with plums, which can be dried or fresh. Let them cook
beforehand in wine and strain them and take eggs, cinnamon and sugar.
Bake the dough for the tart. That is made like so: take two eggs and
beat them. Afterwards stir flour therein until it becomes a thick
dough. Pour it on the table and work it well, until it is ready. After
that take somewhat more than half the dough and roll it into a flat
cake as wide as you would have your tart. Afterwards pour the plums on
it and roll out after that the other crust and cut it up, however you
would like it, and put it on top over the tart and press it together
well and let it bake. So one makes the dough for a tart.
6 oz Dried Plums
150 ml Red Wine
1/4 C Water
2 Eggs
5 T Sugar
1 t Cinnamon
2 Pie Crusts
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Chop Plums well and place in saucepan
with wine and water. Cook covered over low heat for 30 minutes -
stirring frequently to avoid burning. Remove from heat and allow to
cool. Break eggs into a bowl and beat. Add sugar and cinnamon and
beat. Add in prunes in small increments, beating to incorporate. Place
bottom crust on a sheet pan and pour on filling. Place top crust over
filling and press around the edges to seal well. Turn up edges to
prevent leaking. Cut many slits in the top crust to vent well. Bake
for 1 hour. Allow to cool before slicing. Will keep well overnight.

Glad Tidings,
Serena da Riva

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