[Sca-cooks] Greetings from the Incipient Shire of Tymberhavenein AnTir

Barbara Benson voxeight at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 13:16:52 PDT 2007

> Responded privately with blatant recipe ripoff variant warning.  I might be
> able to create a signature calzone with this!
> niccolo difrancesco
> (Pizzaiolo by night . . . and looking for medieval threads to bake in)

You know I would be flattered! Make sure you use dried plum tart tho -
prune pie just doesn't sound as appealing.

When I was redacting this one:

I was thinking it might go over well in your restaurant - it even
calls for pre-made  pizza dough. If you try it out tell me what you
think. A secret that I left out of the instructions is that it tastes
much better if you make the chicken mixture the night before - let it
sit in the fridge - and then assemble and bake before service. It
gives the lemon the time to reach the right flavor.

I hope everything is going well with you. I have been following the
whole saga via email and chats with Ben & Frank. I cannot wait to get
down there and see your new place.


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