[Sca-cooks] Silly season

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Sun Aug 12 15:34:20 PDT 2007

Hey, we've not discussed the departure of the tabloid Weekly World
News which is ending its weekly publication.

Giant black hole swallows Florida newspaper
Weekly World News just wanted its readers to have fun. James Doran 
laments its passing

Sunday August 12, 2007
The Observer

Abraham Lincoln was a woman, Elvis is alive and running for president 
and a 500ft statue of Jesus visited the United Nations.

Headlines like these, I am sorry to say, will never again be read in 
checkout lines across America for the Weekly World News, the supermarket 
tabloid that bills itself as 'The World's Only Reliable Newspaper' is to 
cease publication on 27 August.

For those whose sense of humour failed to mature beyond the age of 12, 
and for whom a headline can never be too lurid or too bizarre -is that 
just me? - it is a sad time indeed. 

But then again maybe the local news will step in with the fact that it 
appears that there is an alligator swimming around in
one of the county lakes here in Michigan. Not Florida--- Michigan--
Wolverine Country.

Alligator Spotted In Local Lake
*YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- *The Department of Natural Resources is in
Ypsilanti Township hoping to catch what residents said is an
alligator.Marva Davis said around 3 a.m. she saw something strange. "I
saw two glowing lights underwater swimming around." Davis told her son
and he told her she was seeing things. "He said mom don't you dare say
you saw lights glowing around the water," Davis said.He didn't believe
her until he and others around Lake Lenore spotted an alligator around
5-feet long.

Authorities said they are taking the claims seriously. "There is
probably a bunch of places these things can hide," said Washtenaw County
Sheriff Dan Minzey.

Minzey said exotic pets get dumped in local lakes often.Residents on the
lake decided to conduct their own search."We got a call last night from
neighbors that said there is a 5-foot alligator on the lake. So, we
decided round up some friends, get some spotlights and see if we can
anything. Did you see anything? Yeah," Greg Mucha told Local 4.

Great, but as my son says "Gator in Ypsi doesn't have the same ring...
now maybe if the gator gets poisoned by chemical run-off and grows in a few
  weeks to say 25 feet...."


Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> Adamantius (who has not mentioned Mario Nebbits even once during this  
> Pennsic season... ...Okay, only once.)
Michael Gunter wrote:
> Elizabeth and I are back from Pennsic so you all have to
> behave now.snipped
> There simply isn't enough time at War! We need at least
> another week!
> I hope everyone had nice boring trips home.
> Gunthar and Elizabeth

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