[Sca-cooks] so ... what do YOU eat.

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 13 09:26:11 PDT 2007

It depends on whether or not we are feeding a whole
camp. If we are feeding a camp we will have "theme
nights" of Italian, Mexican, Steak, etc....
This will usually involve a main dish, additions, sides of
vegetables and dessert.
Example: Italian Night will be pasta, tomato sauce,
meatballs, sauteed mushrooms, grilled chicken, tossed
salad and pound cake with fruit.

Everything done in Seal-A-Meal for ease of preparation
and cleanup.

We'll have a cooler and a bin with munchies for breakfast
and lunch that people can just grab as they wish.
This will have things like Uncrustable PB&J, individual
tubes of Pringles, jerky, grapefruit cups, trail mix, chicken
and tuna salad, fruit, oatmeal, etc....

Breakfast will usually have coffee, breakfast burritos in
Seal-A-Meal, oatmeal, fruit tarts.

If it is just for Elizabeth and me we'll do pretty much the
same. Seal-A-Meal things like Beef Stroganoff, Spaghetti
(I love spaghetti after fighting all day in the sun), pre-grilled
steaks, chicken soup. Breakfast is oatmeal or breakfast bars
and French Press coffee.

Using the Seal-A-Meal bags we can just have one pot of
water that we re-use and pour the contents into a paper
bowl or plate.

Nothing fancy or period but quick and easy.


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