[Sca-cooks] so ... what do YOU eat.

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Mon Aug 13 15:02:59 PDT 2007

Hmm. I'm not sure if I'm just weird, or if others like me haven't 
weighed in yet.

Well, I try to have period meals, pretty much all weekend. Friday 
night is a thick soup or pottage (the pea stuff called 'Perre' is 
especially good- and easy) with bread. Breakfasts vary- James usually 
eats muesli and some fruit, I might eat granola, but sometimes I'll 
make a pot of cooked grain goo- 5- or 7-grain cereal, with an egg in 
it. Or maybe french toast with fresh fruit. I also have a pot of hot 
tea- not period, but a public safety measure. >:-}  James usually 
puts together the lunches- some meat, cheese, bread, pickle and/or 
olives, that sort of thing.

Dinner Saturday night is usually a party of sorts- frequently in the 
6-10 people range. Usually  chicken on the menu- this weekend I'm 
planning on Chykens in Hocchee, and a late period chicken dish with 
oranges and lemons. I'm expecting a crowd this time, so there will 
probably be either Tartlettes or Pommes Dorry. A big salad, a couple 
of vegetable dishes and/or a tart with greens or veg. And lots of 
dessert. If I can make it out to TJ's for some 'Two-Buck Chuck', I'll 
make Ypocras too.

And yes, nearly all (if not all) of it I do on-site. I've had 
difficulties with precooked stuff and the transportation of same, and 
it's just easier for me to cook on site. I use my Coleman stove, 
usually have James' too, have a small Pyromid grill, and stove-top ovens.

I've found that for me the trick is planning, planning, planning. I 
have a notebook, and in it goes all of the menus and recipes, 
including ingredient lists, and then I do a backwards time-line to 
figure out how to juggle the various dishes and burners.

Biggest problem is dishes- the usual 'wash as you go' doesn't work in 
camp, and sometimes I have to stop cooking briefly to wash a bowl 
that I need. And no, taking more dishes is not an option. (Zippy the 
Wonder Volvo can only carry so much...)

And then there's getting called into Court in the middle of dinner prep! :-D

If it's a long weekend, James and I usually do something lower key, 
maybe grill some chicken.

So that's what we eat at _our_ camp...

"It is our choices Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than 
our abilities."  -Albus Dumbledore

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