[Sca-cooks] so ... what do YOU eat.

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I don't think you're weird! Well, and even if you are, I like you anyways!
I eat whatever is being served at non-camping events.  Almost always.  If the feast is Beyond Redemption T, we've been known to go out to dinner instead.  In Artemisia, it's quite common (more the rule than the exception) for lunch to be served at an event, as well (usually some variety of bread, soup, and protein), so I rarely need to bother with packing foods that will stand the test of traveling several 100 miles to the event.  If I do take things, I like to refer to a TI article some old Roman named "Phil" once wrote, on picnic baskets.....
At camping events, I'm almost always eating with someone's kitchen, so I eat what they do.  And it's never period, or even peri-oid.  My favorite kitchen to eat with is the League of York--amazingly well organized and headed by Their Graces Alan and Corisande.  We all take turns in the kitchen--prep or cleanup, and with anywhere from 20 to 40 of us, it's not a hassle.  Breakfast is usually some variety of egg and protein (sausages or some such), with the usual assortment of cereals and milk and fruit and muffins and yogurt.  Being rather caffeine-dependent, I provide coffee for all who wish (someone else brings the pot and carafe).  This year at Uprising, this caffeine preparation (and its attendant provision of sugar) actually gave rise to the First Miracle of St. Maire (Artemisian in-joke...I had enough extra beanage and sugar to give provisions to the next camp over, and they proclaimed the miracle ;o)  Lunch materials are left in a specific, marked cooler, and we help ourselves when our schedules allow.  Dinners are mostly pre-cooked, and follow the same menu every year (hamburgers on Wed night, chicken on Thursday, pasta with red sauce/meatballs or alfredo on Friday, and *really* nice steaks on Saturday).  There's always some sort of simple veggie--salads, or lightly sauteed green beans with garlic, and we've been adding some nice touches like fresh-made flat bread, and fresh cheese.
If I had the ways and means to do camp cooking on my own, I'd stick to period dishes, but being hosted makes travel much, much easier for me.
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  Hmm. I'm not sure if I'm just weird, or if others like me haven't 
  weighed in yet.

  Well, I try to have period meals, pretty much all weekend. Friday 
  night is a thick soup or pottage (the pea stuff called 'Perre' is 
  especially good- and easy) with bread. Breakfasts vary- James usually 
  eats muesli and some fruit, I might eat granola, but sometimes I'll 
  make a pot of cooked grain goo- 5- or 7-grain cereal, with an egg in 
  it. Or maybe french toast with fresh fruit. I also have a pot of hot 
  tea- not period, but a public safety measure. >:-}  James usually 
  puts together the lunches- some meat, cheese, bread, pickle and/or 
  olives, that sort of thing.

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