[Sca-cooks] so ... what do YOU eat.

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Mon Aug 13 19:02:03 PDT 2007

Well, at Pennsic, we have a well-stocked freezer, but the last couple
of years, our numbers have been down- basicly me, Stefan, Arthur, and
Thorclaw. The guys seemed to expect me to cook, and since I rarely eat
breakfast, seldom lunch, and most days was busy with students on my
forge, and will eat late, or totally forget to eat if I'm busy, we
just didn't do a lot of cooking. I made spaghetti (basicly jarred) one
night, Roast beef another night, Margali had sent along some Indian
spices in a pack for Chicken Madras, and lacking chicken, I made it up
with half of a pork roast, we had baked chicken another night (before
that), hamburgers another night, and the leg of lamb in the dutch oven
over the coals for the Potluck. Saturday night, Andrew Macrobb came
over with his family, and cooked us a stirfry while I taught his
stepson to make an S-hook.

Usually, we're better organized when we have more people.

At events, I usually bring food if I can't afford feast (although I'll
usually try to afford to buy feast, if only to see who's cooking
what), get a bite to eat from the dayboard, and cook for myself in the
evening. I try to bring supplies I can quickly expand into a large
meal if necessary- often I'll have students who don't want to leave to
eat, and my wok over the forge can make a good stirfry with a few
staples- that's how I cooked the pork madras at Pennsic. But, I'm also
perfectly capable of entirely forgetting to eat  I'm also not a
snacker usually, so I seldom have anything quick and easy to munch on,
other than maybe a can of sardines, or some such. Good thing I'm not a
diabetic, I suspect ;-)

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> I don't think you're weird! Well, and even if you are, I like you anyways!

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