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anyone  can have orange slices, but aldyth sends out pbj 
tortilla rolls, refried  bean rolls (which actually go over 
quite well), chips, pretzels. pickles,  olives ... all 
kinds of things to keep the fighters going.  and it is  
well appreciated by all.

We call it Food on the Field.  It has undergone many changes since it  first 
came to be.  We just couldn't get the fellas to eat the neat meat  cheese 
biscuits that the Calontir kitchen made for their  troops.    The Crown asked for 
a volunteer (Helium-hand-itis) to  come up with something they would eat, that 
would keep them on the field  fighting rather than back at camp eating and 
usually taking off the armor and  not putting it back on again. The feeling was 
that fighters would stay on  the field longer.  A questionnaire of sorts went 
to all the Outlands  fighting/fencing lists as to what they wanted.  And we 
gave them what they  asked for.  We do about 400 tortillas a day, cut in half 
and stuffed with  turkey, ham, roast beef, cheese and combinations of meat and 
cheese.   Peanut butter and jelly, refried beans, cream cheese, potato chips, 
corn chips,  pretzels, mixed nuts, raisins, chocolate chip cookies, snicker 
bars, cherry  tomatoes, black and green olives, pickles and strawberries.  The 
Outlands  War Council foots the bill for the food, usually around $750 per war.  
Our  serving ladies have been known to wait at the res points with wet towels 
to wash  the faces and hands of the fighters.  If anyone is interested in 
something  similar for their group, let me know and I will shoot you the facts 
and  figures.

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